• Contract Compliance

Experience to navigate change.

Every change comes with challenges – and the world of government contracting is no stranger to change. The Federal Government continues to make changes in how it procures services, regulates government contractors, and enforces its policies.  Though keeping up with this evolving landscape can be difficult, these changes also open up new opportunities.
BDO’s Contract Compliance Practice offers a sophisticated array of services to organizations receiving federal contracts and grants as they navigate the entire contracting process – before and after the job is awarded. Our dedicated professionals help clients across a wide range of industries submit contract proposals, maintain regulatory compliance, and meet the often numerous administrative needs required after contracts are awarded.
Many of our industry professionals have themselves held management positions with government contractors, and possess a unique depth of industry knowledge and experience with government entities. Backed by a robust infrastructure of accounting and consulting resources (including BDO’s Center of Excellence for Government Contracting), they are uniquely positioned to provide services specifically tailored to your business needs, no matter what they may be. BDO currently serves over 500 government contracting clients – from emerging businesses to Fortune 100 companies.
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