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From the COVID-19 pandemic to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires, crises can have a direct and lasting impact on organizations of all sizes

For many businesses, COVID-19 was a crash course in crisis management—a test of leadership few had prepared for and even fewer saw coming. 

As companies continue to grapple with tough choices as new crises arise, business must prepare for the unknown, look to what’s next, anticipate how the forces of change will shape the new reality, and adapt.

With each crisis, the same questions arise: What’s next? What’s next for our families and our communities? What’s next for small businesses and the people who run them? For large organizations and the millions who rely on them? What’s next for our people, our customers? And what will it take to once again thrive?

By focusing on building long-term resilience, businesses can emerge from crises stronger than before and return not just to business as usual— but to better than usual.


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Nonprofits are not exempt from the current labor market shortages associated with the “great...
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December 14, 2021
The life sciences industry continues to struggle with managing risk and maintaining compliance. Interacting with protected health information (PHI) means they must comply with existing regulations such as PhRMA Code and HIPAA, while also managing CRO relationships and maintaining pharmacovigilance. In this session, we dive deeper into ways life sciences organizations can comply with their obligations by promoting sound privacy and data protection practices.
December 15, 2021
Nonprofits are not exempt from the current labor market shortages associated with the “great resignation.” The pandemic, social and political events, and the relentlessness of navigating both personal and professional priorities created a perfect storm.