• Students Who Know

    A podcast series for students.

Students Who Know - Podcast Series

Students Who Know is a podcast series for college students seeking a career in public accounting. Each episode features recruiters in conversation with BDO interns, employees or leaders on topics including the recruiting process, what it’s like to work at BDO and career readiness. The podcast is for educational purposes and unrelated to BDO job openings.

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Episode 4 - What is Busy Season Really Like? Featuring Experienced Senior Associate, Caitlin Grant

Our world can get pretty busy, but for accountants there’s no busier time than the aptly named “Busy Season.” Taking place from January through March, the busy season can be a crunch for just about everyone: from new hires to seasoned veterans. Tune in to hear what you want to know about busy season in public accounting.

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Episode 3 - Life as New Associate, featuring Trevor Pence
At BDO, we make it a priority to provide our interns and entry level professionals with mentorship, flexibility, and learning opportunities. Hear about a typical day including training, challenges and rewards of being a new associate.

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Episode 2 - Life as an Intern, featuring Daria Dolgova
As an intern at BDO, you won’t just do a job – you’ll begin to build a career. Hear about life as an intern at BDO, including the steps we’ve taken to provide a seamless virtual experience.

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Episode 1 - Helping People Thrive, featuring Chief People Officer, Cathy Moy
A chat with BDO’s CPO on keeping our core purpose, values and commitment to students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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