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BDO Careers Webinars for Students

Campus Recruiting Webinar Series

The Careers Webinar Series for Students is designed to provide insights to college students and recent graduates navigating the campus recruiting process and the transition from campus to career. The series is presented by BDO campus recruiters, client service professionals, interns, and intern alumni. The series will cover a variety of topics including how to build your personal brand, applying, interviewing, and the transition from campus to career.  The webinars are for educational purposes and unrelated to BDO job openings.

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[Recording] Interviews are Complete, Now What?

Have questions about what to expect after interviews? Join us to learn about both sides of the decision process and hear from recruiters and recent hires who have gone through experience themselves.

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[Recording] Virtual Interviews: Are You Ready?

Join us to learn what you can expect in the new virtual recruiting environment, including how to prepare and advice from employees who have gone through the video interview experience themselves. 

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[Recording] The New Normal: How to be Successful in a Virtual Internship

Hear from current interns about their summer 2020 internship experience during office closures, distance learning and working from home.


[Recording] Virtual Recruiting: Preparing for the Digital Interviewing Experience

Traditional face-to-face interviews may not always be the case when interviewing nowadays. Join this webinar to learn about what to expect and how to be best prepared for a digital recruiting experience.


Have you had a chance to practice?

BDO is offering practice video sessions to help you be prepared for your next video interview. We’ll review things like your lighting, sound quality, possible distractions and more. 

** Please note, this is not a BDO interview. This is a mock video interview setting to test the technical aspects of the video set up. To be considered for BDO jobs, please apply online to your specific position of interest.

[Recording] Navigating the Transition from School to Work

Everything you need to know before your first day as an associate. What to expect before your first day, on your first day, during your first week, and during your first 90 days. 


[Recording] Tips and Tricks for Navigating the Campus Recruiting Process

BDO’s step-by-step recruiting process allows students to become acquainted with the firm, its people, and culture in order to make the best possible career decision.