IRS Drops Notice Affecting Domestic Partnerships or S Corporations with GILTI

August 2019

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read Treasury Issues Notice Addressing Domestic Partnerships and S-corporations Filing under Proposed GILTI Regulations.

On August 22, the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (collectively, Treasury) issued Notice 2019-46, which announced Treasury’s plans to issue regulations that will permit a domestic partnership or S corporation to apply the rules in proposed §1.951A-5 for taxable years ending before June 22, 2019.  The notice also addresses the applicability of penalties in the case of a domestic partnership or S corporation that acted consistently with proposed §1.951A-5 on or before June 21, 2019, but files a tax return consistent with the final regulations under §1.951A-1(e). To apply the rules in proposed §1.951A-5 or for penalties not to apply as discussed in the notice, a domestic partnership or S corporation must satisfy certain notification and reporting requirements described in the notice.
The regulations described in the notice will be effective for taxable years ending before June 22, 2019.  Prior to the issuance of such regulations, domestic partnerships and S corporations may rely on the notice, provided they satisfy certain requirements. The rules in the notice are intended to provide relief from compliance burdens for certain domestic partnerships and S corporations. A more comprehensive tax alert regarding the notice is forthcoming. 
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