Dutch Government Releases 2020 Tax Budget: The Impact On Global Taxation And Total Tax Liability

October 2019

The global tax landscape is experiencing a ripple effect of change. It’s been almost two years since U.S. tax reform legislation passed, and additional IRS guidance is still expected in some areas.  This same level of sweeping change has been seen across the European Union since 2015. Much of this change stems from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Base Erosion and Profit Shifting initiative and the ongoing debate of the taxation of the digital economy.

The message: BEPS is here to stay, and countries are continuing to press ahead.

The Dutch government recently released their 2020 Tax Budget, which has wide-sweeping impacts for taxpayers.  BDO in the Netherlands has set out details of the most important tax changes in the areas of corporate income tax, dividend withholding tax, withholding tax on interest and royalties and VAT.
As U.S. businesses struggle to stay ahead of global tax law changes, understanding total tax liability – the sum of all taxes owed at any given time at the international, federal, state and local levels - becomes even more important. For multinational organizations in particular, having an understanding of and visibility into your total tax liability and the impact non-U.S. legislative changes can make, will help prepare for the global tax changes on the horizon.