2023/2024 Clinical Research Organization Compensation & Turnover Insights Report

CRA Turnover Is Down-Ticking. Is It Time To Evaluate Workforce Effectiveness?

After clinical research organizations (CROs) experienced unheard-of turnover levels that peaked in 2022, turnover for clinical research associates (CRAs) is slowly returning to historic levels. Now is a good time to evaluate whether existing CRAs have the right skills to meet business objectives and help contribute to company performance. At the same time, while turnover has slowed, it continues to plague the industry. CROs must employ innovative approaches to their reward strategies, which starts by having timely and accurate data.

This insights report, which is based on findings from the 2023 BDO CRO Industry Global Compensation & Turnover Survey, provides CROs with a unique source of comprehensive data on the global marketplace, including compensation levels, plan design, and employee turnover. 

About the Survey

BDO’s annual CRO Industry Global Compensation & Turnover Survey collects data for 268 positions in the U.S. and 55 countries/territories outside of the U.S. This survey is designed to help CRO companies develop confidence in their pay levels by providing data necessary to gain insight into their compensation practices relative to the market. Responses are gathered annually from participating CROs with four categories of analyses: compensation levels; turnover rates; plan design and prevalence; allowances, time off and additional months’ pay (locations outside the U.S.).

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