Customized exit and liquidity planning, tax strategy and analysis for business owners.

For many owners, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are the best option for selling their business – or just a portion of their business. ESOPs are among the most flexible of all succession strategies, and transactions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the owner, the business, and the employees. Better still, there are distinct tax advantages for all parties.

ESOP Advisors
The BDO ESOP advisory team consists of professionals with a wide range of experience in investment banking, tax, valuation, benefits, and commercial banking, including representatives in our wholly-owned investment bank, BDO Capital Advisors, LLC. Our ESOP advisors work closely and collaboratively with your accounting and legal teams to achieve the result everyone wants: a sale that benefits the company, protects your legacy, and provide both you and your employees with the financial rewards you have worked hard to earn. Our ESOP services include:
  • Feasibility and tax analyses
  • Capital sourcing for leveraged ESOPs
  • Benefit plan design and analyses
  • Merger and acquisition comparative analyses
  • Income tax and accounting for ESOPs

Our advisors can help you better understand how an ESOP may suit your exit and liquidity objectives, and guide you through every step of selling your business.