International Pharmaceutical Federation and BDO Webinar: mRNA Technology for Vaccines & Therapeutics

mRNA has long been studied for applications treating HIV, Influenza, Cancer, Zika and other diseases, but its real-world use in the COVID-19 vaccines has revolutionized the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

How were vaccine makers able to massively scale production of mRNA during the pandemic? And what challenges lie ahead for scaled production of mRNA vaccines, treatments, and gene editing applications?

Watch this webinar, from International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), featuring BDO’s Michael McCaman, PhD, to learn how mRNA was produced at scale for COVID-19 vaccines, why key ingredients for mRNA production may be in short supply and what lies ahead for the future of the technology.

This webinar also features insights from Seth Alexander, PhD, of Resilience, a biotechnology manufacturer. Seth discusses the science behind mRNA technology.