BARDA Industry Day 2023 Innovative Partnering Opportunity for Product Developers

In coordination with U.S. Federal Interagency partners, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) continues to implement innovative partnering opportunities for the life sciences industry. The advanced development of necessary medical countermeasures (MCMs) is one key area of potential and includes biologics, drugs, and devices. These are vital to address public health emergencies resulting from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats, pandemic influenza, and other emerging infectious diseases.

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The Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle (RRPV) Consortium is a new initiative to accelerate the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and medical technology to include diagnostics. The 10-year, multi-acquisition vehicle is modeled after the Department of Defense Medical CBRN Defense Consortium (MCDC), which was used during Operation Warp Speed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The RRPV Consortium will leverage BARDA’s current Other Transaction authority and prior experience with the Department of Defense.

The RRVP Consortium currently has funding of $10 billion, with the flexibility to increase to $100 billion in the event of a public health emergency. This will support federal readiness on day one with established acquisition vehicles and a coalition of partners for an accelerated response. Some added benefits include responsive award execution from solicitation to award contracts in 60 days under traditional operating conditions, as well as the flexibility to award within five days during a public health emergency.

The RRPV is open to all product developers from academia to large life sciences companies developing new and emerging technologies. Increased collaboration is one of the RRVP’s focal points and is provided by the consortium management firm Advanced Technology International (ATI). This includes creating a channel for life sciences companies to identify federal partnering opportunities and establishing new customer relationships at no cost to members. Members also benefit from single-point contracting managed by ATI, which allows increased collaboration time between BARDA and the life sciences industry.

BARDA is already considering other improvements that are mutually beneficial to the life sciences industry. Despite being less than two months since the RRPV consortium went live, BARDA has reported the RRPV Consortium is nearly 100 members strong already. You must join the RRPV consortium to respond to solicitations. Membership is free!

Graphic showing aspects of product development that BARDA supports.