Conclusion: Building Tomorrow, Today

Digital transformation may be a long and winding road, but it’s a journey middle market organizations can’t afford to delay. While they may not have the luxury of making robust upfront investments like their larger counterparts, or operate with the same level of agility as their younger peers, taking no action at all guarantees failure. 

To see tomorrow, middle market organizations must start digital transformation today. 

This begins with a simple (and yet, not so simple) step: understanding where they are currently and where they want to go. The middle market spans all industries, each in varying states of disruption and stages of digital maturity. The extent to which a business will need to play catchup is highly industry-dependent, as is the level of urgency with which they need to make moves. What may work for one middle market company in one industry may not necessarily work for another. 

Thus, before starting a slew of digital initiatives, middle market companies must take the time to thoughtfully outline and define a digital transformation strategy and plan what’s right for them. They must figure out which digital strategies they’ll need to remain competitive in the future, and which approach best fits their current digital maturity status and future goals. 

If not available internally, digital transformation leaders should seek the counsel of outside experts—ideally those with deep industry expertise—who can assess their actions with an objective eye and counsel them through all the changes. Ideally, their journey is one of incremental improvements to advance digital capabilities and maturity, with every increment along the way framed against a clear business case and immediate ROI. 

It won’t be an easy process, but in an uncertain future, digital is a certainty. To compete in a digital world, organizations need to reinvent themselves as digital businesses, with the evolving needs of the customer at the center of everything they do. Those that embrace the new digital era will reap the rewards, while those that don’t will quickly fall behind.


As your digital solutions partner, we will arm you for the future and help you navigate industry disruption to become a leader in your field. 

At BDO, we advise and guide our clients to see digital transformation through to fruition, so they can reimagine the way they’re doing business, and then make it a reality—maximizing value with minimal disruption to their existing infrastructure. Applying our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience, our team of talented professionals provides a holistic approach to middle market clients looking for successful digital transformation, using our Digital 3+1 approach and solutions. 

Whether you want to focus on enhancing your customer interaction, increasing profitability through operational excellence, improving your employee experience, or deploying to the cloud for increased agility and flexibility, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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