Another successful year for growth companies in Worcestershire

The 2018 edition of the Worcestershire Growth Barometer not only includes data on the financial health of Worcestershire’s 50 fastest-growing businesses, but also original research carried out among business leaders including First Grade International and Skatehut.

Financial figures only provide part of the picture in any business community. So what does Worcestershire’s corporate ecosystem look like?

The image that emerges is one of prudently managed businesses, with a clear focus on sales growth and diligent adhesion to long-term strategic plans.

These businesses are also overwhelmingly UK-focused and appreciate Worcestershire for its strategic location in the country and its skilled workforce. They face significant challenges, too, topmost of which is the struggle to fulfill the demand for talent.

Infrastructure and real estate are also stumbling blocks for the business community. Some of these issues are now being addressed in our county, with initiatives such as the 5G testbed promising to put Worcestershire at the forefront of technological innovation in the UK.