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Changing business models, solid strategies.

Changing business models are reshaping the software industry. Perhaps most notably, many companies now choose to sell their software as a web service instead of or in addition to a traditional upfront licensing model. This translates to more predictable, recurring revenue, which can be seen as a significant benefit to investors. More broadly, as the continuous cycle of product development continues, software companies face a variety of financial and operational challenges, including increasingly complicated financial reporting rules, and tax regulations.
As the software industry innovates and evolves, we help our clients navigate the numerous financial and tax reporting complexities which result from these changes. Our professionals offer assurance, tax, risk advisory, and consulting services to software companies around the world, guiding clients – including enterprise, mobile, hosted, and web-based solution providers – through diverse issues. We also leverage our global network of thought leaders in order to provide our clients with key insights into industry trends.