Retail Health Assessment

Is your retail business distressed? Find out in 5 minutes or less.

Shifting consumer behaviors, changing economic conditions, on-going supply chain issues and global pandemics have created turbulent times for retailers.

Without proper insight, it can be difficult to understand when your business is in serious trouble or if you’re simply adjusting to another variable impacting the retail industry.

BDO’s Retail Health Assessment can help provide the insight you need to navigate your business through these trying times. 

Distress may be on the horizon. Don’t ignore the signs. Take the Retail Health Assessment now.

The Retail Health Assessment provides:

  • A business performance score – graded against liquidity and profitability, financing and borrowing, and general economic and industry issues
  • Tips for your unique situation – whether it’s maintaining a steady course, how to get back on track or turning performance around
  • Additional resources on retail resiliency to help you make informed decisions 
  • An opportunity to connect with experienced professionals who have helped right size retail businesses just like yours

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