Future Proof Retail

The future of retail is here. Are you ready?

Imagine what the retail industry might look like in the year 2048.

Do you picture something that rivals a science fiction movie, complete with digital avatars for trying on products from the comfort of home, in-store robotic assistants that know your order history from a quick retinal scan, and 3D holograms of your favorite influencer in the palm of your hand on a mobile device?

Building on the advancements in technology, supply chain operations, workforce trends and the rapid evolution of the physical store we have been tracking in today’s headlines, we challenged ourselves to imagine the retail world of tomorrow.  After conducting extensive research on highly relevant trends in retail, Future Proof Retail aims to answer the question: What does it take for a retailer to successfully lead their business into becoming a mainstay 20 or 50 years from now?  And how do they get there?

To explore the findings, select one of the retail functional arenas below to see the stories most likely to come to fruition should today’s trends continue down the path they’re on.


Digital Presence

Will consumers live and shop in an entirely virtual world? Will payments be made entirely with facial recognition technology? How will the role of social media and influencers evolve in helping retailers build brand loyalty and push product discovery?


In Store

Will retail workers soon require a degree in robotics or data science? How can Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) help retailers better sell products? What role does AI play in making hyper-personalized shopping as easy as the press of a button?


Operations Center

Will stores be hyper-customized down to the neighborhood they are geographically located in? Will retailers require consumers to purchase carbon credits after making a return to offset the environmental impact? How can digital visualization technologies help ensure customers love every purchase they make?


Distribution Center

Will aerial drones be picking up and dropping off orders on consumer’s doorsteps? Will supply chain technology advance to the point of not only predicting potential issues, but allowing retailers to respond in real-time to avoid slowdowns? Will robots take jobs or free up time for more important, human-led tasks?