• Public Sector

    BDO leverages an independent viewpoint to help clients
    navigate complex, government-wide challenges.

Challenging times call for a new perspective.

The public sector is facing many challenges. In addition to political gridlock, the federal deficit has caused many agencies’ budgets to shrink over the last several years, meaning that government leaders are under pressure to accomplish more with reduced funding.
BDO’s Public Sector Practice serves a wide variety of clients across many levels of government. In addition to our Federal Government clients, we also serve Regional, State, and Local Governments, drawing on deep experience to provide strategic, innovative solutions. Offering a unique depth of capabilities and resources, BDO helps government leaders develop tailored strategies and implement practical solutions that make the most of their limited resources.
Our dedicated professionals are unbiased and provide valuable support to government leaders as they review their programs and budgets. From proprietary research to timely reports, BDO shares its thought leadership in a number of ways, staying at the forefront of this ever-evolving space.

BDO’s Public Sector Practice includes BDO Public Sector, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BDO USA, LLP.