Established strategies to weather the sector’s biggest challenges.

The environment in which trade associations operate is changing every day. From driving enrollment with compelling membership propositions to abiding by new legislation, the industry is working to be responsive to concerns from members and regulators. This is taking place against the backdrop of consolidation among trade associations. To be successful, organizations must stand out amongst their competitors, and develop clearly established policies to weather the challenges facing their business sector.
BDO leverages the skill and experience of professionals in 12 different industry groups, bringing a unique depth of understanding to each client’s needs. BDO assists trade organizations that are dealing with regulatory compliance issues, and provides a range of advisory services to clients considering mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures, including due diligence and succession planning.
As one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world, BDO also provides international services that include tax reporting, expatriate tax issues, internal audit, and investigative due diligence. As trade associations attempt to drive membership overseas or adjust their communications plans, BDO can assist with strategic planning and implementation, organizational development, and the validation of new business models.