Engaging a new generation.

As federal funding for the arts continues to decrease, cultural and arts institutions are facing an increasingly challenging fundraising environment. Organizations are not only finding it difficult to attract and retain donors, but in the face of changing demographics, they must adjust their marketing efforts to reach a younger generation.
Through a global network of more than 150 countries, BDO assists cultural and arts organizations in managing tax analysis and compliance issues, developing systems to report results to donors, auditing federal grants, and maintaining compliance. We also provide a variety of board education services, which are essential to helping directors understand responsibilities, navigate challenges, and mitigate risk.
Additionally, BDO advises clients on the outsourcing of human resources and financial services. We also provide tailored workshops on new and emerging accounting and taxation topics. For compliance, BDO offers reviews of fundraising reports and allocations, valuation services, litigation and dispute resolution, as well as the preparation of exemption applications.