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Representing teams across every major sports franchise.

As new stadiums with high-end amenities emerge across the country, the cost to pay for talent and draw fans continues to rise with ticket prices. As a result, sports and leisure companies must find ways to cover these expenses and drive profits through viewing experiences. And amid the proliferation of viewing options, the distribution of media rights remains a significant issue.
From finding investors for a new stadium to negotiating media deals, BDO understands the challenges and complexities many sports organizations face. Through audit, tax, and consulting services, BDO provides guidance to a wide range of sports and leisure clients, including professional sports franchises and health clubs.
Around the world, BDO assists in conducting valuations, analyzing sponsorship opportunities, measuring sponsorship impact, and structuring leases. BDO has not only provided assistance to teams in major sports professional sports leagues – including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL – but also performed NCAA agreed-upon procedures, keeping clients up to date on the latest reporting requirements.