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Protect Your Workloads with Microsoft Azure Security Center

February 16, 2021
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Natasha Morales
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With cyberattacks occurring every 39 seconds, business leaders are being challenged to change the way they approach security and risk. Organizations are seeking ways to improve how they manage their security posture and threat protection in both cloud and on-premises hybrid environments. One of the biggest challenges for executives is ensuring that their team is successfully using the cloud – and that means leveraging its full security capabilities.

CPE credit is not available for this webinar

Join us for this live web event where BDO Digital’s Ric Opal will join Microsoft's Patrick Wirtz and Global Blackbelt Michelle Jackman to discuss the current state of cybersecurity post-COVID and take a deeper look at one of the new Microsoft tools turning heads in the security world: Azure Security Center.

Azure Security Center addresses the three most urgent security challenges:

  • Rapidly changing workloads – It's both a strength and a challenge of the cloud. On the one hand, end users are empowered to do more. On the other, how do you make sure that the ever-changing services people are using and creating are up to your security standards and follow security best practices?
  • Increasingly sophisticated attacks - Wherever you run your workloads, the attacks keep getting more sophisticated. You have to secure your public cloud workloads, which are, in effect, an Internet facing workload that can leave you even more vulnerable if you don't follow security best practices.
  • Security skills are in short supply - The number of security alerts and alerting systems far outnumbers the number of administrators with the necessary background and experience to make sure your environments are protected. Staying up-to-date with the latest attacks is a constant challenge, making it impossible to stay in place while the world of security is an ever-changing front.
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Ric Opal - Principal, BDO Digital, LLC 
Patrick Wirtz - Sr. Enterprise Security Executive, Microsoft 
Michelle Jackman - Global Blackbelt, Advanced Security Architecture, Microsoft