When communities have the resources they need to thrive, they are more resilient to disruptions, whether in the form of extreme weather events, cyber threats, or an economic crisis.

BDO works with communities around the globe to help them make policy decisions and strategic investments based on sustainable financial and equity models. With the help of our experienced professionals, communities can strengthen their ability to respond to, withstand, and recover from environmental, social and economic hazards. 
BDO’s Community Resilience practice view resilience through a holistic financial lens that delivers lasting return on investment and generational equity to ensure communities become safer and more sustainable amid increasing disruptions. Our multi-disciplinary approach addresses the key drivers for resilience, helping community leaders with everything from strategy to financing to risk mitigation and beyond.

With historic government investments in social services, infrastructure and the environment, the opportunity for communities to secure the resources they need has never been greater. By supporting a judicious approach to allocating community resources, BDO helps people thrive now and for generations to come.

Backed by 35 years of experience in disaster recovery, community development, government and more, BDO's Community Resilience team supports client’s investments in their communities and allows those they serve to get closer to the vision of thriving every day.

Key Drivers Impacting Resilience



Ensure financial investments in resilience provide immediate benefits to communities and show long-term ROI.


Make critical guidance from scientific, technical, and front-line leaders readily accessible to policy makers.


Identify and capture opportunities quickly to take full advantage of the current financing landscape.


Dedicate investment streams to prepare for repetitive disruptions, now occurring at an unprecedented rate.