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    Authentication Resources

Login Support and Multi-Factor Authentication Resources 

Login Support  

If you need assistance logging into bdo.com, please review the common issues below or use the form to get in touch with a member of our IT team.  

New email address 

If you have a new email address you will need to login to bdo.com with your old email address first. Once you are in your old account, you can then update your contact information with your new email address. 

Incorrect Profile Information  

If your name, address, or other profile information is incorrect, you can update your information by logging into bdo.com, then clicking “Edit Profile”.

Multi-Factor Authentication Resources  

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a multi-step verification process that helps safeguard access to client data and applications. MFA provides an extra layer of security to BDO's applications, including client portals and e-bill.

How Does It Work? 

Users will be asked to create a password as the first form of authentication, which is followed by a phone call or authentication through the Microsoft Authenticator app as the second form of authentication.

Setting Up MFA

Setup Exceptions

If the user already has a Microsoft account or company account that has had MFA configured, they will not be prompted to setup MFA.  BDO USA systems will leverage the existing configuration to supply the necessary details for MFA.  Exceptions to this will include if the user had defined a form of MFA not supported by BDO USA systems such as text message or email. 

Creating an Account 

A client without an existing Microsoft account will need to create an account following the Microsoft account creation wizard. 

For detailed instructions, including screenshots, view the guide here: 

Microsoft Support Links

New Account Setup

MFA Setup

Need Assistance or Help? 

If you have questions about creating your Microsoft account, setting up MFA, or are experiencing issues logging into bdo.com and would like to speak with a member of our IT team, please call the support number below or fill out the short form.

Client Support Hours: 
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Monday - Friday