• BDO File Exchange

    Quick Start Guide for Clients

About File Exchange

BDO File Exchange is a web-based file transfer solution providing a simple way to transfer files securely between BDO professionals, BDO clients and other non-BDO contacts.

Read the Quick Start Guide for information on:
  • How to access File Exchange
  • How to send files
  • How to download a file from an email notification


Items to Note:

  • As an external user, you will need to create an account to access files. The email address used to create the account needs to match the email address to which the file was sent.
  • Messages received from File Exchange cannot be forwarded. Each link is unique to the recipient for security reasons.
  • You have the option of sending the message content secured.
  • Files may be downloaded up to 14 days after being received. After 14 days, the files will be deleted. Deleted files cannot be recovered by BDO National IT.
  • You can send files up to 8GB.
  • To resend an email, the entire file must be resent and processed.
  • Security and technical documentation can be found in the top navigation area of the site.
  • Files may not be sent to email distribution lists, but can be sent to a Shared Mailbox.
  • You can only send files to someone at BDO.

To access File Exchange, click here.