The Genome of the IPO – A Checklist

In the push to innovate patient care and transform to compete, biotech IPOs are on a hot streak this year. But a successful IPO is more than a milestone, it takes thorough and long-term strategic planning. We call this four-stage process the Genome of the IPO:  
  1. Assessing and strengthening financial reporting capabilities: Early in their lifecycle, organizations might not allocate resources to administrative and financial reporting tasks. Organizations start behaving like a public entity well before an IPO, which may take the form of an IPO readiness project to prepare their teams for the real thing.
  2. Bridging the gap between talent & governance: As an organization grows, so does its priorities, responsibilities, and talent management needs, which may require onboarding new team members. Through conversations with current board members and investors, an organization’s leadership may discover that an investor or board member might not be suited—or even desire—to remain in the organization after its IPO.
  3. Planning for the long haul: Organizations should take the time to map out and understand their growth opportunity, risk profile and total tax liability across the entirety of the business as they plan for life after the IPO.
  4. Re-evaluating organizational DNA to plan for digital transformation.
To learn more about the IPO transformation and the questions and considerations that will guide an organization‘s long-term business strategy, check out our Biotech IPO Checklist.
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