BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Practices

The health and life sciences supply chains are converging, and the lines between both industries are blurring together—as well as with traditional outsiders like retail, technology and those industries for which we don’t yet have names. It’s a period of accelerated disruption, driven by a confluence of internal and external triggers: political and regulatory uncertainty, mounds of consumer data and digitized processes, evolving business models, industry consolidation, shifting global boundaries, and healthcare consumerism giving rise to new pricing pressures and greater calls for transparency.

In this environment of change, both health and life sciences share the responsibilities of bringing down care costs, improving quality of patient outcomes, and collaborating across—and outside—their supply chains.

Our unique perspective allows us to anticipate new and emerging trends, and to help health and life sciences organizations maximize the positive impact of transformational change.

The BDO Health & Life Sciences Rx blog examines how evolving reimbursement models, regulations and consumer needs are impacting health and life sciences organizations. Our contributors are prominent industry thought leaders and draw upon broad, multidisciplinary experience to point the way on how to achieve Shared Care, Shared Value: the breaking down of silos to drive value across the health and life sciences ecosystem.  Our blog includes critical insights on the five imperatives that are key to achieving Shared Care, Shared Value:
  • Capitalize on data
  • Optimize performance
  • Manage risk
  • Transform to compete
  • Innovate patient care

But no matter what the topic, the blog aims to bridge the gap between clinical performance and best business practices, and to provide a more comprehensive perspective on the key issues facing industry leaders today.

BDO can serve as a strategic advisor to health and life sciences organizations, working with them to align business objectives with a long-term strategic vision. We can help you adapt to the new connected health ecosystem and innovate patient care through our collaborative approach and integrated solutions across advisory, assurance and tax.