By Retail & Consumer Products Practice Leaders | July 09, 2019

Retailers are Recalibrating Amid Recession Concerns - BDO Consumer Beat Survey

Consumer spending has grown volatile as shoppers begin to feel the impact of increased online sales taxes resulting from Wayfair vs. South Dakota and weigh the threat of a potential economic downturn.

By David Berliner | March 26, 2019

Retail in the Red: BDO’s Bi-Annual Bankruptcy Update

By Natalie Kotlyar | January 31, 2019

Video: Brick-and-Mortar Retailing Goes Experiential

As e-commerce continues to drive consumers away from physical stores, brick-and-mortar retailers are faced with a decision: Innovate or Shutter. Is experiential retailing the key to regaining foot traffic? Natalie Kotlyar shares her take with Reuters TV.

By Retail & Consumer Products Practice Leaders | January 25, 2019

Retailers Will Feel Shutdown Impact For Many Months

Even as a short-term solution unfolds, the impact of the record-long government shutdown will likely be felt by the retail industry throughout the first half of the year. Diminishing consumer confidence, potential tax refund delays, and halted IPO activity are forcing...

By Retail & Consumer Products Practice Leaders | January 18, 2019

Private Equity’s Retail Portfolio Companies Adapt to the Wayfair Decision

The South Dakota v. Wayfair decision has added another layer of complexity for retailers and their private equity owners amid an already challenging landscape.

By Retail & Consumer Products Practice Leaders | January 08, 2019

Navigating the New Age of Retail Real Estate

Despite strong year-end sales, the U.S. retail landscape remains rife with uncertainty as retail bankruptcies and store closures continue to gain momentum. Meanwhile, mall operators and retail REITs, left with vacant spaces from shuttered retailers, are eager to find a way to...

By Retail & Consumer Products Practice Leaders | December 10, 2018

Supply Chain Fraud: Risk Management for Retail & Consumer Products Companies

Given the sheer complexity and scale of supply chains today, it’s no surprise that fraud poses a larger threat to organizations today than ever before. Are retail and consumer products companies taking the appropriate steps to protect themselves?

By Jennifer Valdivia | December 05, 2018

The New Revenue Recognition Standard: Are Privately Held Retailers Ready?

Is your retail business ready for FASB’s new revenue recognition standard (ASC 606)? While the compliance deadline for public companies has already passed, nonpublic organizations must apply the new revenue recognition standard to annual reporting periods beginning after Dec...