• M&A Modeling & Fairness Opinions

Managing scrutiny through objectivity.

Whether you’re buying or selling, confidence is everything when it comes to a successful deal. We provide services that give you a clear view of a deal’s predicted success before you commit, as well as serve as an impartial advisor to attest to the fairness of the deal’s terms. Our independent, objective analysis provides a comprehensive review of the transaction’s financial structure, an analysis of the type and timing of the consideration being offered and a wider look at valuation to help ensure the deal is fair from a financial point of view.

Services include:
  • Accretion / dilution analyses
  • Benchmarking and strategic assessment
  • Buy / sell forecast diligence
  • Buyer and seller transaction support
  • Capital structure deal optimization
  • Corporate strategic planning and analytics
  • Fairness opinions
    • Covenant compliance
    • Going-private transactions
    • M&A transactions
    • Recapitalizations
    • Related-party transfers
  • Financial model review
  • Merger / transaction modeling (M&A model / LBO model / other)
  • Pricing analysis
  • Pro forma financial modeling
  • Reorganizations
  • Shareholder buyouts and disputes
  • Synergy analysis
  • Valuation related due diligence