• Financial Due Diligence

Tailored approaches for buyers and sellers.

We take client service and satisfaction seriously, adopting a ‘no surprises approach’ to meeting our clients’ expectations and needs. Our reports are issues-focused and provide key insights and analyses that are supported by real-life deal experience.
Buy-Side Support
We support a buyer’s process by identifying and understanding key value drivers, risks, and opportunities that matter most. Our due diligence approach often goes beyond accounting and incorporates a detailed assessment of financial, tax, and operating risks.
Focused Executive Summary
  • Overview of the business and comfort around the quality of financial information
  • Key findings and perspectives on major transaction issues identified
  • Insights focused on potential risks 
Focus on Free Cash Flow
  • Analysis of key business drivers and sustainability of free cash flow
  • Tailored review of operating results
  • Consideration of nonrecurring and/or unusual items 
Supporting Analysis
  • Databook schedules containing key P&L, BS, working capital, and cash flow analyses
  • Deep support for conclusions and recommendations
  • Organized financial information for ease of use 
Sell-Side Support
Our professionals support a sale process by identifying and addressing financial and tax risks before a buyer is involved in the transaction and diligence commences. We work with management and strategic advisors to review and present our findings in the most efficient manner to minimize client interruptions and surprises, and discuss the potential impact of our findings to ensure our clients are well positioned to drive value for your stakeholders in a transaction. 
Experience and Commitment to Quality
  • Rigorous analysis and BDO's vast experience puts sellers and their advisors in control of the sale process
  • Receipt of informed bids helps accelerate the transaction process
  • Mitigation of transaction risk / reduces uncertainty
  • Significantly lessen the burden on management allowing greater freedom to run the business and focus on key deal issues 
Key Benefits of Sell-Side Engagements
  • Issues can be addressed in advance of the sale process to maximize value
  • Objective review and support of value proposition
  • Flexibility in the use of deliverables and reports
  • Internal use recommendations and objective credibility
  • Assistance in discussions with internal and external parties (e.g., investment committee or financing sources)
  • Updates and roll forwards of key analyses in the report