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Quality of Business™ - our unique and tailored approach to due diligence advisory.

The approach to due diligence and the standards for doing a Quality of Earnings analysis have evolved—whether you are the buyer or the seller. Our unique Quality of Business™ approach introduces a better way for you to get a holistic view of the business being acquired. This transaction approach enables a broad look at the entire business, across the spectrum of financial, tax, accounting, operational, IT, HR and insurance related issues. It is driven by analytics and focused on determining true value while identifying hidden opportunities. Our analytics platform gives you better visibility into deal-related data—allowing you to move faster and with greater confidence, using the information to provide a comprehensive view of the entire Quality of Business and generate actionable insights pre-, during, and post- deal

With Quality of Business™ we focus on the following:
  • Holistic Vision: We synthesize disparate due diligence and execution workstreams for a cohesive, comprehensive view of a target’s entire business.
  • Speed to Insight: Advanced analytics flag data trends or outliers that may indicate an area of risk or hidden value.
  • Data in Context: With analytics-trained deal teams, nothing gets lost in translation. Easy-to-understand data visualizations help make a case to key stakeholders—whether you’re demonstrating uncovered value or planning for integration challenges.
  • Deal Perspective: Our deal advisors bring technical knowledge of the due diligence and execution process, deep M&A experience, and sector-specific insights to provide you with intelligence that goes beyond analytics capabilities, offering perspective that spans the entire life of the deal.

Key Due Diligence Support Services:

  • Critical assessment of financial projections and assumptions
  • Financial statement readiness
  • Historical complex transaction analysis
  • Possible business combination and/or merger considerations
  • Price adjustment mechanisms, including working capital and net debt
  • Quality of earnings analysis and proof of cash analysis
  • Tax due diligence and structuring
  • Tax attribute modeling and monetization
  • Unrecorded liabilities and commitments
Visit our Financial and Tax Due Diligence pages for additional information.

  • Core applications and systems
  • Cybersecurity posture and program maturity
  • Digital strategy and roadmap
  • Enterprise data strategy and architecture
  • Governance, risk and compliance controls
  • IT assets and investments
  • IT organization and support structure
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  • Communication and transition timeline strategies
  • Compensation and benefits harmonization analysis and cost comparison
  • Culture compatibility and roadmap for integration
  • HR-related adjustments to EBITDA and debt/debt-like amounts; identification of cash costs
  • Identification of post-deal HR value creation opportunities
  • Identification of retention risks and go-forward turnover mitigation strategies
  • Impact of change in control on equity compensation; 280G assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Merger synergy & carve-out/stand-alone costs assessment
  • Organized labor review and risk assessment
  • Post-employment liability and assumption assessment and quantification
  • Purchase agreement and transition service agreement (TSA) commercial input and negotiation
  • Review of compliance with employment mandates
  • Review of HR trial balances
  • Review of total rewards and assessment of program costs
  • Review of workforce structure and performance indicators
  • Risk mitigation
  • Waterfall / proceeds or fully diluted share count analysis
Visit our Human Capital Management and Workforce in Transactions services pages for additional information.

  • Areas of uninsured/underinsured risks
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessment
  • Integration risk and/or readiness assessment
  • Merger synergy & carve-out/stand-alone cost assessment
  • Operational Health Review
  • Risk, process, and control assessments
  • Transition service agreement (TSA) negotiation
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Recent Transactions

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  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to 3L Capital in its investment in Roman Health Ventures, Inc.

  • Provided buy-side financial due diligence to Amplity Health in its acquisition of RealHealthData.

  • Provided buy-side tax and financial due diligence to Anser Advisory, LLC in its acquisition of DHS Consulting, Inc.

  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Anser Advisory, LLC in its acquisition of Haskell/HR Gray Associates.

  • ​Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Ardurra Group, Inc., in its acquisition of LNV, Inc.

  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Argosy Investment Partners V, L.P. in its acquisition of Rita's Franchise Company LLC.

  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Atlas Technical Consultants, LLC in its acquisition of Alta Vista Solutions, Inc.

  • Provided buy-side tax due diligence to Caregiver, Inc in its acquisition of CORI Care, Inc.

  • ​Provided carve-out buy-side financial and tax due diligence along with transition and integration assistance to Cementation USA in its acquisition of TNT.

  • Provided sell-side financial due diligence to Prophet Equity during its sale of its portfolio company, CID Resources, Inc. to Superior Uniform Group, Inc.

  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Data Systems Analysts in its acquisition of Project Performance, LLC., an information technology and management consulting firm.

  • Provided buy-side financial and tax due diligence to Gryphon Technologies, L.C. in its acquisition of OMNITEC Solutions, Inc.

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