• Portfolio Strategy

Identifying the right opportunities.

Real estate and facilities management continues to be one of the most overlooked operating costs evaluated at an enterprise level. With an average space utilization rate of only 40 to 60 percent and increased pressure to streamline efficiencies and cut costs, organizations are now placing significant focus on portfolio strategy and expense optimization.
BDO’s seasoned real estate professionals bring independent, conflict-free capabilities to help clients formulate strategies that align real estate portfolios with business objectives – addressing not only current needs, but future goals, as well.
Through a combination of benchmarking, analysis, and restructuring, we evaluate the composition of each real estate portfolio and support the successful implementation of services designed to optimize performance. Our sophisticated, proprietary methodology provides reliable, industry-specific data used for the critical analysis of clients’ real estate assets in real time.
Utilizing our extensive understanding of alternative operating models, cost structures, and portfolio management, our methodology streamlines – and significantly expedites – the benchmarking process. It also provides a deep dive on various factors such as cost, utilization, productivity, and flexibility. Our experienced team audits all real estate and facilities management vendor master service agreements to ensure financial terms and conditions have been met. Our goal is to achieve statutory, contractual, and operational compliance by bringing complete objectivity to the process and mitigating risk. This comprehensive approach allows BDO to develop peer-to-peer comparisons and identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and lower costs.
Whether guiding clients through a sourcing process tailored to meet company-specific objectives or crafting facility management RFP outsourcing documents, BDO supports its clients in implementing critical strategies to improve operating efficiencies and reduce cost.