Workforce Resilience: Preparing for the Unknown

Over the last few years, the war for talent has reached a fever pitch. During this time, employees embraced the concept of flexibility as the work-from-anywhere model evolved from pandemic lockdowns. Some workers also rationalized that a big-city company should pay big-city wages no matter where workers live. For jobs requiring attendance at a worksite, employees sought more flexibility in scheduling, higher wages, and more benefits — and still turnover remained high. Going forward, with uncertain economic conditions looming, the tables may be turning. But does that mean the end of workforce flexibility? On the contrary, now is the time for companies to embrace flexibility in new and creative ways to ensure operational resilience.

In today’s environment, business resilience is critical to not just survive but thrive. Companies need to augment their organizational and talent management models to allow the flexibility to respond to ever-changing business scenarios — in other words, to promote resilience. Read BDO’s full insight to learn how to reimagine your approach to talent management and develop an organizational resilience strategy.