MarTech Stack Self-Assessment

Boost the value of your marketing investments.

With 25.4% of marketing budgets being spent on technology, it’s time to take a look at your marketing technology (MarTech) stack.

Our free MarTech (marketing technology) self-assessment will allow you to assess up to five tools in your MarTech stack. You’ll walk away with a breakdown of improvement areas and actionable next steps.

Are you making the most of your MarTech stack?

The Importance of Evaluating Your MarTech Stack


Marketing Budget is Often Spent on Technology

Modern marketing teams have access to thousands of tools and platforms, all created with the goal of making marketing outreach more efficient and effective, and all leveraging the vast amounts of marketing data available through a myriad of digital sources. But for businesses building out their MarTech stack, choosing the right solutions and vendors can be overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming.

To reduce this complexity, a thorough MarTech assessment is necessary. Assessing your existing MarTech stack can help not only uncover gaps but also provide insight into which tools you should keep, retire, or purchase to boost value from your investment.

Don't Leave the Health of Your Stack to Chance

BDO Digital Surveyed several dozen top marketing leaders and found they spend an average of 20% — in some cases much as 40% — of their marketing budget on technology alone. That doesn't even include the cost of staff to manage and administer it. With that much money invested, it's unwise to leave the health of your stack to chance.

Providing Solutions that are Built to Last and Deliver Rapid Value

With more than 13 collective years of experience building out marketing technology solutions for customers across the U.S., BDO Digital has developed best practices and strategies that you can use when evaluating marketing technology tools and vendors to help you build a solid foundation for a MarTech stack. With broad, real-world experience in MarTech stack optimization, BDO Digital can focus on customization to help you meet your specific business needs while providing solutions that are built to last and dedicated to delivering rapid value as well as maximum ROI.

Take BDO Digital’s free self-assessment now to make sure you are investing in the right tools for your team and capitalizing on the power of your MarTech stack.