Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Deliver an exceptional client experience

Exceptional Customer Experience with CRM Strategy

CRM can offer many opportunities for growth and innovation, providing insights into several aspects of your business processes. From customer analytics to cross-channel strategic information, CRM helps businesses stay ahead of the competition, keep up with rising expectations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

CRM is changing fast, with evolving capabilities and waves of new information to synthesize and analyze. To keep up with new developments and maintain a robust CRM, companies need to employ strategies that enable them to work through complexities and enjoy benefits. With help from BDO's CRM services, your organization can easily navigate changes, consistently driving innovation and growth.

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How BDO Can Help

BDO has deep, industry-specific experience in all aspects of CRM, enabling us to help transform how you serve customers. We will analyze your industry requirements, helping you select or improve your CRM to meet your unique needs. 

As a part of developing a CRM strategy, BDO begins with a comprehensive analysis of each client’s unique CRM practices. We will then identify areas for automation, analytics and integration and assist you with the creation and implementation of your CRM strategy. By helping you design system architecture and drive process transformation, BDO's CRM consulting team can enable you to meet specific business goals.


Improve Communication and Allow Your Organization to Expand and Scale

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides organizations with the tools to spark sales, reduce costs and increase profitability by creating new ways to organize and automate business processes that build customer relationships and satisfaction. By delivering a comprehensive view into each customer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables teams to make quick and educated decisions about customers, providing an intuitive way to connect and build relationships.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Integrated with Microsoft Products - Built-in connections to Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, Teams and more. Leverage the power of Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and the .NET Framework for maximum performance.
  • Easy Interface - Familiar user experience provide a consistent experience across devices.
  • Seamless Use - Work seamlessly online or offline.
  • Secure - A secure cloud solution with managed upgrades, security and privacy.
  • Implementation Options - Available as a cloud service or installed as an on-premise solution. 
  • Flexible - Flexible, scalable and extensible.

Connect with Customers and Close Deals Faster

Salesforce is a sales driven cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that helps teams connect with customers and close deals faster. By providing a comprehensive solution for sales force automation, customer service, partner management, and marketing and campaign management; gives your team the ability to be on top of every lead, opportunity, and customer interaction.

Advantages of Salesforce

Salesforce’s open source architecture allows for easy integration into existing infrastructure. With the additional benefit of Salesforce AppExchange you will have access to the tools that will transform your business. The AppExchange is the place to build and run innovative apps and websites that will enhance your CRM system and make it more effective.

  • Fast - The cloud doesn’t require the installation or configuration of any hardware or software.
  • Easy - The cloud provides easy and automatic upgrades that are scalable through a pay as you go subscription model. Regular updates are made based on user feedback and votes.
  • Open - In the cloud all of your data and applications are portable and immediately accessible on any device. The Salesforce1 mobile app is highly customizable for your business.
  • Flexible - The App Marketplace in the cloud extends your applications and makes them more effective through add-on deployments and for every industry.
  • Everyone - The cloud scales with your business, its affordable for small business and the enterprises and Salesforce is the CRM market leader in terms of user adoption.

Why Choose BDO for CRM Services?

With BDO's team of CRM professionals on your side, you can draw deeper insights from your customer data, improve communication throughout your organization and drive more revenue. We will help you develop comprehensive solutions that meet your industry-specific needs.

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