• ESG: Better Planet.
    Better Society. Better Business.

    As ESG takes center stage in a rapidly changing business landscape, the
    question is—how is your organization advancing toward true sustainability?



Building Business Sustainably.

Today, every business has a responsibility – and an opportunity – to address the significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges we face as an interconnected, global society.  Not only is it the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do to contribute to a better planet, a better society and a better – and more sustainable - business.




What Is ESG and Why Is It Important?

ESG is the view through which we measure and assess the sustainability of an organization.

Environmental factors focus on minimizing climate risk both to the organization and from the organization’s actions to the planet. Accounting for these factors can also help optimize costs, improve operational efficiencies, and drive growth through sustainable business practices. Embracing environmental stewardship ensures that businesses meet their own needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

By prioritizing 
social factors, businesses do their part to drive positive societal change. A focus on equity and fairness, human rights, workplace safety, employee engagement, and data privacy fosters trust and inclusion.  Those organizations that consider these factors will benefit from greater employee satisfaction and higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, talent–and customer–retention, and brand integrity.  

Governance factors focus on business leadership and ethics, with a significant emphasis on risk management and value creation. Those with strong governance programs mitigate risk, promote ethics, and drive business growth.

ESG: The Future of Business Is Sustainable Business

Sustainability prioritizes long-term stability over short-term financial reward –creating lasting value for all stakeholders and evaluating where their priorities intersect with the material economic, environmental and social issues of the underlying business. Sustainable enterprises aim to both mitigate risk and improve performance, while optimizing impact on the business, society and the planet.  Businesses that prioritize ESG underscore resilience – positioning themselves to adapt to changing environmental, societal, governing and market conditions combined with evolving regulation to generate greater value for all stakeholders. 


With You at Every Stage of Your ESG Journey

ESG is not a check-the-box exercise, and the journey is not linear. Each company’s path toward sustainability is unique and distinct—and requires a disciplined approach to understand the intersection of material business considerations with significant stakeholder priorities in order to integrate ESG in the most impactful way. At BDO, we can help demystify ESG and bring clarity to the complexity—no matter where you are in your journey. 



Starting your ESG journey
Identifying your most important ESG factors


Developing your ESG strategic roadmap
Managing your ESG infrastructure and ensuring the reliability of your ESG data
Navigating your ESG reporting and communications
Transforming your business to align with your ESG strategies ​


Our dedicated professionals with deep ESG experience will meet you where you are and help guide you on your way.  
ESG Strategy & Program Development
ESG risk assessment, benchmarking, stakeholder engagement and strategic roadmap and program development.

Human Capital Management Strategy
Diversity, equity, inclusion risk assessment; workforce, compensation and benefits, development and retention issues management; benchmarking; policy review and strategy development and refinement.


Sustainable Finance & Investing
Evaluations of green financing, sustainable financing, impact investing, exclusionary investing and pre-deal due diligence.


ESG Reporting & Attestation
Framework and metric selection, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and controls, integrated non-financial reporting, stakeholder communication and third-party assurance.


Supply Chain Sustainability & Resilience
Analysis of procurement tools and processes to evaluate global value chain, including supplier practices, customs and trade, FCPA, fair labor/human rights, among others.


Community Resilience
Guidance on local policy decisions and strategic community investments based on sustainable financial and equity models aimed at achieving greater safety and levels of sustainability.

  Tax Transparency & ESG Tax Strategy
Evaluation of total tax responsibility, transparency, and integration of ESG into your organization’s tax strategy in alignment with ESG reporting standards.

Climate Risk
Comprehensive analysis of both the acute and chronic physical risks inherent in climate change and their impact on business operations.


ESG Value Creation & Innovation
Reimagined business models to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risks over the long term.


Why ESG Matters
to Us

“We recognize the unique opportunity we have as advisors to the middle market—not only to do our part to advance ESG within BDO—but in our ability to help our clients integrate ESG into their own business models —resulting in not just better business, but in ensuring a sustainable future for us all.” 
Christopher Tower, BDO USA ESG Strategy and Services Leader and Executive Team Member

At BDO, we view sustainability as an investment in the strength of our culture, the resilience of our business, and the future of our planet. We are committed to making ESG synonymous with BDO, ensuring that sustainable business practices are integrated into everything we do. We believe we have an obligation to make an impact and do our part to be a force of change— to strive for business that’s better than usual—for our people, our clients and our communities.

Actionable Steps on Our ESG Journey

While we recognize that there’s a lot more work to do, there’s a lot we’re already doing—and have been for many years—as part of our commitment to helping people thrive every day.


Advancing Stakeholder Capitalism Through
Conscious Leadership



To help inspire and elevate leaders, transform organizations and better society,
BDO has joined with Raj Sisodia, co-founder and co-chairman of Conscious
Capitalism, Inc., and Neha Sangwan, MD, to offer The Conscious Business Leadership Academy.

The Academy is an executive education program that provides an opportunity for CEOs
and other C-suite executives to reflect on their leadership teams, corporate cultures and business practices so that they can more fully align the purpose and profitability of their businesses with a deep commitment to building a sustainable and brighter future for their stakeholders.



Our ESG Strategy and Services Leaders

Professional Headshot of Christopher Tower
Christopher Tower
ESG Strategy and Services Leader
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Karen Baum
Advisory ESG Strategy and Services Leader 
  Daniel Fuller
Tax ESG Strategy and Services Leader 
  Dan Harris
Assurance ESG Strategy and Services Leader 

Cara Mooses
Corporate ESG Strategy Leader  



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