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Blockchaindistributed ledger technologyhas the potential to reinvent the way organizations do business across the globe. Bringing increased transparency, efficiency, and security to everyday business transactions and processes, blockchain can create and add strategic value, up-level operations from efficient to excellent, help ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate risk.

Is blockchain revolutionary? Absolutely. In action, blockchain has the potential to secure and streamline information storing and sharing, lower costs, and even innovate products and services. From a method of conveyance for cryptocurrency transactions, to asset tokenization enabling faster trade settlement “on chain,” to transparency across the chain of custody throughout the supply chain, there are many legitimate use cases for implementing blockchain.

But is blockchain right for your organization? Possibly. Companies need to get smart on blockchain and its enormous potentialbefore an investment is made and an implementation plan is in place.

At BDO, we can help identify the important questions to ask to help determine whether blockchain is the right solution for your business. From readiness assessments and use case identification to technology selection and implementation strategies, we look at blockchain adoption holistically–all while being mindful of the regulatory, tax, accounting, and risk considerations that come with implementation.

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