To the Next Generation of Leaders

"Find an environment that allows you to build a career, not just do a job."

I have one piece of go-to advice I offer anyone and everyone entering the world of public accounting:

Work with people who will help you succeed.

Sure, it might seem simple, but it’s also essential. Throughout your career, you’ll face all sorts of opportunities – and challenges. Analytical ones, creative ones, and even interpersonal ones. Facing these challenges (and maximizing these opportunities) will help you build a career you can be truly proud of – but only if you’re surrounded by people who will help you along the way.

So seek out people who will support you. Establish relationships with those who invest in your growth and champion your success. Find an environment that allows you to build a career, not just do a job. In short, join a team that makes the challenges of accounting a little bit less challenging.

At BDO, our core purpose is Helping People Thrive, Every Day. It’s something we apply to every client we serve and each engagement we work on, but it extends to our own people, too. Our firm is, and has always been, a place that allows all voices to be heard, a place that creates chances for people at all levels to contribute and succeed. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity – and the support – you need to start and grow a thriving career. And we’ll be here, cheering you on and helping you out, every step of the way.


Wayne Berson, CEO

"BDO offered an inviting atmosphere, filled with people who were excited for me to start my career."

When I was first deciding where I wanted to start my career, there were a lot of options. Big firms. Small firms. Specialized firms. General firms. A lot of them seemed like good options – but in the end, I made my decision based on people. I simply liked the people I had met during BDO’s recruitment process; I felt a genuine connection that I thought would be good for the start of my career.

Within my first few days, I knew I had made the right choice. BDO offered an inviting atmosphere, filled with people who were excited for me to start my career. My career advisor, in particular, was a strong influence. She was only a few years older than I was, but you could tell she had real drive. But she was also an advocate and cheerleader for everyone she worked with, always willing to lend a helping hand and quick to offer advice. I saw her as a model of what my career could be if I worked hard, stayed curious, and built connections.

I recently moved to a new office, and although I was nervous about leaving my support system (and mentor) behind, I shouldn’t have worried – we still keep in touch, and I know she’s only an email or phone call away if I ever need her help.  As you start your career, whether at BDO or another firm, I would encourage you to build your own network. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, send an email to a colleague you connected with, or invite someone out for a coffee to chat about work. It might seem like a small thing, but having a support system is truly invaluable.


Alysa Smith, Assurance Senior Associate

"Here, the people you work with are committed to your success."

During my last year of college, when I was going through the recruitment process, I asked friends in the industry how they made their decision – how they knew which opportunity was the right one for them. Time and time again, I received the same response: “I chose my firm because of the people.”

To be honest, I was confused by this answer and not sure what it really meant to choose your future firm based on “the people.”

Then I interviewed at BDO. And I loved it – the environment, the clients, and most importantly, the people I interacted with. I went with BDO’s offer. Now when I’m asked how I chose my firm, I give the exact same answer. How right they were!

It’s all about the people.

Our core purpose is Helping People Thrive, Every Day. That applies to our clients, definitely, but it applies internally, too. At BDO, it’s not just about the work you do – it’s about the people you do it with. Here, the people you work with are committed to your success, and dedicated to helping you thrive in your career. During my very first busy season, senior partners would routinely take time out of their own very busy schedules to sit down with me, answer my questions, and make sure I was getting up to speed. Eight years – and several promotions – later, and I still get that kind of support. Even as a senior manager, I’m given the tools and support I need to do my job well – and to expand my professional horizons even further.


Tim Farrell, Senior Manager, Corporate Tax