The Art of Giving: Making a Difference and Helping Young Artists

Handmade gnomes. Ethereal art. Stunning photography. The Art of Giving was introduced as a firmwide opportunity to give back while celebrating BDO artists, artisans and crafters. Through this initiative, BDO creatives from across the firm donated their work for other BDO professionals to purchase in support of an organization that helps young people thrive through art. The first year of The Art of Giving was a resounding success, thanks to the creativity, passion and generosity of BDO’s professionals.

From the artists who rolled up their sleeves to “Create for a Cause” to the bidders who stepped up to “Shop with Purpose,” The Art of Giving raised nearly $16,000. The proceeds were donated to Arts on the Block, a Maryland-based nonprofit that empowers artistic youth while introducing and guiding them toward creative-centric career paths.  

“I’m grateful for everyone who supported The Art of Giving, from the creators to the donors to our firm leaders who embraced this first-of-its-kind initiative to showcase the artistic talents of our people,” said Brand Programs Director Brooke Hipp, lead organizer for The Art of Giving. 

Arts on the Block will invest BDO’s donation into two of its programs: the Art and STEM program called Youth Arts Movement, geared toward elementary school children, as well as the Apprentice Program, which helps high school students with professional development and workforce training. 

“The 63 children, teens and young adults in our programs, as well as the entire Arts on the Block staff, are grateful for BDO’s generosity,” said Arts on the Block Executive Director Christopher Barclay. “Donations like this can make a significant difference for young creatives in our area. Our organization ensures every dollar of this gift is responsibly spent to strengthen the programs for our emerging professional creatives.”

Our people came together to connect and support one another for an incredible cause – and that showcases how our people really embrace BDO’s core purpose.
Brooke Hipp
Brand Programs Director

The Art of Giving isn’t BDO’s only connection to Arts on the Block. Three BDO professionals serve on the organization’s board of directors:

  • Tax Managing Director Jason Hofberg (board president)
  • Assurance Director John Griffin (board treasurer)
  • People and Culture - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Shareem King (board member)

“Even before I knew The Art of Giving was going to support Arts on the Block, I was excited by the idea of coming together in this unique way,” says Hofberg. “It means the world to me that two organizations I love ― BDO and Arts on the Block ― are connected through our mutual interest in helping people thrive through art.”

BDO plans to make The Art of Giving an annual event. “We are excited to have the first year behind us and to be able to give BDO professionals more time to create this year in anticipation of the auction,” said Hipp. “We have a goal to have at least one artist from each office participate.”

A Closer Look at The Art of Giving