Automate & Streamline Global Share Plan Compliance

A globally mobile workforce allows companies to maximize talent where it’s most needed, however, it generates a host of challenges when it comes to managing compensation. The taxation of equity awards can vary greatly, from award type to location to compliance and reporting requirements. Understandably, companies are concerned about proper reporting and tax withholding.
Equus Software and BDO teamed up to create EquityPro, a web-based application that provides automated, end-to-end management of tax obligations for global reward packages.
Join us on Wednesday, February 19 at 1 p.m. ET to view a complimentary broadcast of the Equus and BDO webinar “Automate & Streamline Global Share Plan Compliance.”
Equus Director of Product Management Jacob Johnson and BDO Managing Director of Expatriate Tax and Global Equity Services Joe Pancamo will discuss:


  • The complexities of global equity management
  • Reconciling plan management with a global mobility program
  • The Equus + BDO solution: EquityPro

You’ll also hear from BDO UK Partner Andy Goodman and BDO Canada Senior Manager Marie Neil, who share their thoughts from an international perspective. Finally, a demonstration of the system illustrates the primary dashboards, available summaries, and the real-time calculation on compliance issues so you won’t have to manage the process on your own.




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