Equity awards and their tax implications.

Taxation of equity compensation earned abroad depends on numerous factors, all of which have unique intricacies. Regulations can vary greatly depending on the type of award, the structure of the organization, the tax attributes of the recipient, and the jurisdiction(s) in which the recipient is located at the time of the award.

BDO’s Global Equity team works with employers around the globe to help minimize tax burdens and compliance risk. To help track and report the tax implications of equity compensation, BDO offers these digital tools:

Global-Equity-Mobility-Solution_Icon.png      BDO Global Equity Mobility Solution: provides real-time calculations of tax withholdings for an organization’s mobile employees, and helps companies avoid risk and take advantage of tax-saving opportunities when designing global incentive compensation.
Global-Equity-Rewards-Matrix_Icon.png      Global Equity Rewards Matrix: country-specific outlines of key tax, social security, and reporting requirements for both the company and employee, including restricted stock, restricted stock units (RSUs) and stock options.