2021/2022 Clinical Research Organization Compensation & Turnover Insights Report

Navigating the Most Competitive Market for Top Talent in Decades

Amid the Great Resignation brought on by the global pandemic, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are challenged more than ever to address high turnover levels and lackluster compensation strategies to compete for highly sought-after talent.

The BDO 2021 CRO Industry Global Compensation & Turnover Survey provides clinical research organizations with a unique source of comprehensive data on the global marketplace including compensation levels, plan design and employee turnover. The survey results can be used to develop competitive strategies to recruit and retain top talent.

This summary report highlights key findings from the full survey report, including:

  • Compensation practices that influence turnover
  • Compensation demands for new hires
  • Addressing the turnover challenge
  • Attracting and retaining talent with performance-based incentives