My BDO Workspace

At BDO, our people work in a variety of different environments. Some have a dedicated office. Others do most of their work on-site, at their clients’ businesses. Still others reserve a space based on their schedule; many BDO offices have adopted a hoteling system in which employees can schedule their own offices, cubicles, or conference rooms. Need to work remote, from your home, hotel, or even an airport? Everyone’s “office space” is unique and flexible! Wherever they work, our people contribute to projects that are essential to our clients – and to the world. To give you an inside look into what their workspaces look like, BDO professionals shared their favorite parts of their own work areas.

Chris Crane, Experienced Tax Associate

I like to keep a clean and organized desk, pretty much just the essentials!

My calculator: I'm a CPA so this is pretty much a given. 

Notepad: Even though I take notes on my computer, it’s sometimes easier to jot my thoughts down on paper. 

Water bottle: It's important to stay hydrated, and I love showing off my school pride. Go Green!

Coffee: It’s basically an addiction at this point.

Headphones: Sometimes you just have to get in the zone while listening to some tunes. 


Ella Fernandez, Assurance Senior Associate

This is my workspace when I’m out at a client site – so I just have the bare essentials! 

Planner: I absolutely love travelling. Having a planner helps me organize time to take trips around my work schedule and keep up with my commitments to multiple clients. 

Water: You never know what the water/cup situation is going to be like at a client, so I always make sure to have a large refillable mug. 

Second computer monitor: This is essential for being out on-site. 

Three different colored pens: I’m ridiculously proud of my to-do lists. 


Nikki Mars, Tax Manager

BDO notebook: Whenever I meet with a senior manager or partner about a tax return, I always take this with me to write down notes.

Standing desk: Sometimes, I need to take a break from sitting and raise my desk to work while standing. It’s a game-changer. 

Bulletin board: Whenever I am stressed at work, I like to look at pictures of my friends and family.

“Life's A Beach” sign: During busy season, I like to remind myself that summer is around the corner and soon I'll be relaxing on the beach!


Ryan Smith, Assurance Senior Associate

I love having a dedicated work office in my house. I work from home fairly often and having this great set-up helps keep me focused! 

Bluetooth speaker: It’s always good to have a little background noise and since I don’t have to worry about my co-workers not liking my music at home, I can blast my music as loud as I please.

NIU Diploma and CPA License: I am very proud to be a Northern Illinois University alumni and licensed CPA. It’s always good to have some reminders of your accomplishments during a tough workday.


Molly Weil, Experienced Assurance Associate

Laptop: My laptop lets me work anywhere – at the client, my desk, home, coffee shop, even by the pool (if I get the chance). Everything is on it, which allows me the flexibility to plan around important life events or work outside.

Blanket: I am ALWAYS cold. I grew up in the south, so no matter how warm it is in Wisconsin, it's cold. You can find me with a blanket on when I am at my desk.

Notebook/Pens: I am a paper person. I constantly have a notebook and pen to take notes, make to-do lists, or draw when I need a brain break.

Ping-pong paddle: Our office loves playing ping-pong in the "Accounts Playable" room. Throughout the day you can hear people playing – it can get pretty competitive!  

Phone: I keep my phone on my desk so I can listen to music and check in with friends and family during the day.


Dylan Curtis, Tax Senior Associate

Core Values cards: Recognition is key! As part of the Core Values team, I keep a stack of Core Value nominations to make sure I am recognizing my coworkers for the little (and big) things they do. I’m also part of the Pride Alliance and Green Committee, so getting involved is important to me!

AirPods: Music is my life.  Whether I am jamming out to Dolly Parton and Shania Twain, or Michael Jackson and David Guetta, my AirPods let me move around freely to work on projects without wires getting in my way.

Tax Guide: The ultimate resource! This book has helped me research and find answers to questions from clients and coworkers. 

Nintendo Switch: We’re all professionals, but also kids at heart. During any busy season, you can find me and my coworkers taking a break by playing a game of Mario Kart.

Travel items: From my trip to Japan and Australia to visiting family and friends in Canada, I love to travel whenever I can. Luckily, we have a flexible PTO policy, so I’ve been able to travel around world, and even visit some BDO offices along the way!