Insights for Parents

FAPQ: Frequently Asked Parent Questions

For many students, deciding where they want to start their career is an important decision – one that can take a lot of time, consideration, and big conversations with those closest to them. As an important figure in their life, you have a vested interest in their future success – and you probably have some questions of your own. Here, you’ll find answers to some of the questions we receive most frequently, as well as links to important resources and additional information.

How Big Is BDO?

BDO’s global network extends across more than 150 countries, with over 60,000 people working out of more than 1,300 offices. 

How Is BDO Different Than Other Firms?

BDO works with a wide variety of clients across numerous industries and around the world. But we believe what truly makes us different is our people, all of whom help our clients – and our colleagues – thrive, every day. With a partner-to-staff ratio of 1:9, our people have tremendous opportunity to work and build relationships with mentors and partners. BDO also offers the opportunity for new hires to work in different industries, allowing them to explore which areas of our firm they enjoy the most.

What Kind of Clients Does BDO Serve?

At BDO, we bring a wealth of experience to clients in a variety of key industries:

  • Consumer Business
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Government Contracting
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Natural Resources
  • Nonprofit & Education
  • Private Equity
  • Public Sector
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Technology & Life Sciences

To learn more about our specific offerings in each of these industries, please click here.

What Can My Son or Daughter Do During Their First Few Years of College to Prepare for a Future in Accounting?

Get involved! We recommend that your son or daughter join their college’s local business fraternity, accounting or business club, or take part in any other activities that will get them exposed to the accounting world.

They can also apply to participate in BDO’s Summer Leadership Program, PATHWAY TO SUCCESS, which takes place throughout the U.S. This program helps rising sophomores and juniors learn more about accounting and BDO through workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

In addition, we love to meet underclassman on campus. To find out when we’ll be visiting your son or daughter’s campus, please visit our campus calendar.

What Are the Benefits of Completing an Internship During Their College Career?

Whether your son or daughter completes an internship with BDO or with another firm, internships are a great way to gain an inside look into a career in accounting. Internships also help us get to know future full-time hire candidates. Visit to learn more about our internship program.

Are Interns Guaranteed a Full-Time Position After Graduation?

Although a high number of our interns join us full-time after graduation, participating in our internship does not guarantee an offer.

Should My Son or Daughter Go Into Audit or Tax?

In public accounting, there are a lot of paths your son or daughter could take – from audit and tax, to advisory and consulting. No one area is greater than the others – your son or daughter should pursue whichever business line they are most passionate about. And although we recommend that prospective candidates commit themselves to one path during the recruiting process, many of our people change their paths throughout their career here.

What Kind of Career Support Will My Son/Daughter Have at BDO?

At BDO, each new hire is assigned a career advisor, who will discuss goals and help plan out your son/daughter’s career with BDO. Both interns and new hires are also set up with a career buddy, who can offer more informal advice, from how to access firm tools and technology, to where to find the best coffee.

What Kind of Support Will BDO Give New Hires Who Need to Take Their CPA Exams?

Passing their CPA exams is one of the biggest challenges new hires will experience during the first few years of their career. We are committed to helping them in every way we can, including providing study materials and flexible schedule options. And if they pass all their exams within a specified timeframe, we’ll reward them with a bonus. 

As a Parent, What Can I Do to Help My Son or Daughter During the Recruitment Process?

Offer lots of support and encouragement. The recruiting process can sometimes be long and stressful for students, so it’s important to be a source of strength and patience for them. By offering encouragement, you can help your son or daughter stay excited about their future after college. For many reasons, we ask that parents do not contact recruiters or BDO directly regarding their child’s application or employment. If you do have questions, please have your son or daughter get in touch with their BDO contact directly.