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Explore stories about how the in store experience might evolve in the coming years – some of which aren’t as far as off as you may think.

When a consumer walks in a store these days, there are already heightened expectations beyond the omni-channel experience. Retailers have found new and interesting ways to make the store experience “sticky”, featuring everything from live entertainment to virtual reality (VR) experiences that bring brands to life. Even as shopping trips become more entertaining and interactive, customer service, speed of check-out and product knowledge on the floor are still fundamental to securing sales – and this won’t change in the future. But the technologies and tactics used to deliver on these expectations, as well as the skill set employees will need to work with new in-store advancements to be productive, will. How?

Hover over each of the “hot spots” below to find out what you can start doing today to future proof your in store experience.

Future Proof Retail

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