Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

The CRM team within BDO Digital has a 15+ year history of delivering exceptional business services that help to improve top-line revenue, customer adoption, team productivity and business insights.


Our Approach

We focus on successfully realizing business value and return-on-investment by considering not just the technical solutions, but the relevant people and process as well. This means pragmatic flexibility – starting from a standard place, but with the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully adapt to a wide variety of scenarios. Our library of tools and intellectual properties allow us to quickly address challenges and provide a better overall experience for clients.

Our professionals are well versed in the dynamics and accounting issues facing various industry issues within the technology marketplace.


Boost Value and Return-on-Investment

Mid-market organizations want better productivity and manageability that CRM solutions can provide but need professional advisory and implementation services to boost value and return-on-investment.

Our services are designed to support business process automation, solutions integration, and analytics. Our service goals include:

  • Strategic Advisory for Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Solution Design and Implementation
  • Platform Configuration and Customization
  • Process Integration, Automation and Analytics
  • User Enablement, Adoption and Experience

Creating User Enablement and Adoption Plans

The D3 Methodology teaches us that while new technology is necessary, simply leaning on technology alone isn’t enough. You need to get your people to actually use it. Companies may spend a lot of time selecting and implementing the right technology, but too often what’s missing in these plans is perhaps the most critical component of all – the people.

Without building this in as a step in the project implementation process, the project could ultimately fail, or won’t reach maximum ROI.

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How BDO Digital can Help — Leveraging the Power of our Strategic Relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce

BDO Digital’s CRM Practice offers consulting services for both Microsoft and Salesforce CRM, from start to finish. We have a strategic relationship with both platform providers to access program assistance and can advise you on the best fit for your organization.

  • MSCRM and SFDC are the two leading CRM products in the middle market space
  • Both provide comprehensive capabilities that can help with the needs of most organizations
  • Various business and technology factors can impact the overall value of either product

BDO Digital has substantial experience with aligning our clients’ needs with the best software solution.

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How BDO Digital can Help Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an effective sales and strategy tool designed to help boost revenue, reduce risks, and lower costs.

Implemented and used appropriately, CRM can attract and engage new customers. It allows users to gain visibility and predictability for marketing, sales, and service processes such as:


  • Guiding Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Driving Campaigns
  • Identifying Potential New Customers
  • Building and Maximizing Your Brand


  • Qualifying Sales Leads
  • Developing Opportunities
  • Capturing New Business
  • Nurturing Relationships


  • Providing Services and/or Support
  • Addressing Questions and Issues
  • Ensuring Successful Client Experiences
  • Improving Satisfaction and Loyalty

With the right team supporting your business, you can effectively reduce costs while increasing your marketing, sales, and service capabilities through team productivity and consistency. CRM automates repetitive processes and reduces errors in addition to improving team efficiency. Advanced yet easy-to-use analytics and AI provide enhanced visibility and deep insights, to enable better and faster evidence-based decision-making.

BDO Digital’s keys to maximizing CRM success and value for our clients include:

  • Aligning terminology, processes, organizational structure, and business needs
  • Simplifying relevant data to reduce confusion
  • Continued progress
  • Integrating the team with comprehensive analytics