BDO Digital's D3 Methodology Provides a Holistic Demand Generation Model

Modern marketers are under intense pressure across their organizations. You must not only continuously generate highly qualified leads for Sales in a dynamic, fast-paced and extremely competitive marketplace, but you must also meet the demands as a growth driver for the organization.


The D3 Methodology – A Comprehensive Solution

BDO Digital developed the D3 Methodology to enable marketers to define and manage all the components necessary to design and implement demand generation programs that drive greater brand awareness, increase sales and revenue, and create a seamless customer experience. It guides marketers across three key disciplines of demand generation and four foundational elements essential for any high-functioning demand generation engine.


Let’s Break it Down

The planetary gear system provides an accurate depiction of all the key components, and the interconnected role each plays in driving revenue.

BDO's D3 Methodology Gear | Technology, Data, Analytics, People

The 3 Disciplines of Demand Generation

To drive revenue output, there are three key disciplines to maximize: Demand Creation, Demand Management and Demand Expansion. Create ownership and accountability in these three areas to reach greater success.


4 Foundational Elements

Equally important are four key foundational elements that support the entire system and enable organizations to realize the greatest value from their demand generation investments: People, Technology, Data and Analytics.


Leveraging the Power of the D3 Methodology

The D3 Methodology provides structure and direction to fuel your demand generation initiatives, but this primer is just the beginning. To learn more about the D3 Methodology and how to apply it within your organization, take the next step and contact us.

BDO Digital can help you with your go-to-market strategy and hands-on execution of your demand generation programs and systems. We have mid-market and enterprise clients across every industry and can provide you with proven recipes for alignment, integration, and success. We look forward to helping you innovate your modern workplace to create a seamless customer experience. In the meantime, visit DemandGen's resources hub for more insights on demand generation.

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