Governing the Tone of Our Culture and Leadership

Governing the Tone of Our Culture and Leadership

We have a focus on three core objectives:


Build an Inclusive Environment focused on:

  • Generations

  • Global mobility

  • Parents

  • Race and ethnicity

  • Sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Veterans

  • Women

ASSR_2019-BDO-Audit-Quality-Report_icons_2.png Enable Flexibility
ASSR_2019-BDO-Audit-Quality-Report_icons_3.png Encourage Open Minds


We continue to build resources to support our practice:

Ratio of national assurance professionals to assurance practice professionals

Leaders have identified eight clear priorities:


Audit Quality   World Class Talent Development
Risk Management   Industry Insight
Regulatory Guidance   Sustainability
Technology Innovation   Growth


We continue to drive accountability to audit quality:

Table of BDO professionals ratings as "very good" to "excellent"
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Source: BDO Audit Quality and Operational Excellence Surveys