2023 Shareholder Meeting Agenda

2023 Shareholder Meeting Priorities

Over the last three years, corporate boards and executive teams have weathered the macroeconomic challenges of crippling supply chain woes, resource shortages, labor crises, dramatic stakeholder cultural shifts, and increasing regulatory oversight. As outlined in BDO’s recent insight What’s on the Minds of Corporate Directors Heading Into 2023, directors have reached consensus that this year will see much of the same ongoing uncertainty. As corporate leaders navigate another year of disruption, their ability to evaluate risk and help create and sustain value for shareholders remains central.

As the board’s oversight role further expands and becomes more complex, directors will in turn face new and legacy challenges in their endeavor to anticipate threats, oversee change, and hold management accountable for strategic growth. During 2023 shareholder meetings, we anticipate material ESG risks, plans to insulate the business from rising interest rates and inflation, and continued activism will capture significant attention. Investors are likely to hone in with particular vigor on human capital management; supply chain resourcing; climate change-related and cyber risks, executive compensation; and new and complex disclosure mandates.

BDO’s 2023 Shareholder Meeting Agenda presents the most pressing issues for boards and management teams to consider ahead of this year’s annual shareholder meetings, including:

Structural Changes to Shareholder Engagement

  • The Universal Proxy Card
  • Pay Versus Performance

ESG Remains in the Spotlight

  • Climate Change Risk Management 
  • Human Capital Management
  • Global ESG and Sustainability Rule-Making

Risk Oversight Amid Ongoing Macroeconomic Disruption

  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Cyber Risk
  • Mergers & Acquisition Risk