2019 BDO Board Survey

The Board's Direction: Steadying the Ship in Times of Turbulence

Faced with a deluge of competing and often volatile priorities, public company board directors’ oversight responsibilities have reached new heights. Sustaining long-term value today means responding diligently to geopolitical tensions, unrelenting technology disruption, changing regulation, pressures to embrace diversity in the boardroom and more.
According to our 2019 BDO Board Survey, public company boards, of varying market caps*, are busy navigating these issues while evolving the way they communicate key decisions, actions and company performance to meet new or changing stakeholders’ demands.
*Survey participant market capitalization:

  • Large/Mid Cap (Over $2B) – 36%

  • Small Cap ($200M-$2B) – 47%

  • Micro/Nano Cap (Under $200M) – 35%

Explore the Survey: 

 Plotting Paths Through Controversial Issues & Trade Tumult

Data Privacy Primacy

Tax Reform Impact Continues

Driving Digital Transformation

Investing in Cybersecurity

Governance & Reporting, Redefined

Board Composition Shows Progress, Not Parity


About the 2019 BDO Board Survey

The 2019 BDO Board Survey, conducted by Market Measurement, Inc., an independent market research consulting firm on behalf of the Corporate Governance Practice of BDO USA, examined the opinions of 180 corporate directors of public company boards during July and August of 2019. Respondents represent a distribution of organizations across industries and market value, from less than $200M to more than $10B, who serve on a variety of board oversight committees with varying capacity and tenures.