We help those who help the world.

There are many problems to solve, and more ways than ever to solve them. As technology advances, it empowers; as information flows, it illuminates; as the global economy expands, it provides vast resources. The nonprofit community today has unprecedented potential to protect, feed, shelter, cure, encourage and educate the millions in the U.S. and billions around the world who need help. The goals are – and should be – extraordinarily high. The challenge: navigating the many real-world complexities.
How does BDO serve nonprofit and educational organizations all around the world? With a nonprofit heart and a business mindset. We offer strategies and services developed for each client’s specific mission and unique challenges: donors who expect greater accountability, regulations that are intensifying, increased competition for funding and diminishing returns from traditional funding models. Whether your needs concern governance, financial sustainability, organizational management and efficiency, strategy and evaluation, compliance – or all of the above – BDO can help. The sectors we serve include:

BDO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM Our Continued Commitment to the Nonprofit Industry

Since 2001, the BDO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM has helped organizations thrive by meeting the ever-changing needs of the nonprofit sector. The Institute provides BDO professionals, clients and the entire nonprofit community with practical, transformative thought leadership and our online Resource Center to help organizations navigate the many challenges. We produce numerous publications, including our blog The Nonprofit Standard, a quarterly newsletter and our annual Benchmarking Survey, the first of its kind in the industry. BDO also produces a monthly educational webinar series on a variety of industry-specific issues. 

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