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Oil & Gas Cybersecurity In The Age of Digital Transformation

October 29, 2019
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST

Matthew Bloom
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Technical Support
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Powered by digital transformation, the production and export of oil and gas has reached new highs. These technological advances have left the industry a target for cyberattacks during a sustained low-price environment in which O&G companies need to optimize their operational efficiencies.

Join us for an informative and engaging discussion with leaders from BDO USA as we review the most critical elements of cyberattacks facing the oil and gas industry and steps energy producers can take to mitigate cyber risk exposure.

Discussion topics include:
  • Vulnerabilities in the O&G ecosystem
  • Addressing cyber threats from digital transformation
  • Most common culprits of cyberattacks
  • Examples from the industry and lessons learned
  • Actionable steps to protect your operations

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